Feather Factory Lofts

2154 Dundas St W

The Feather Factory Lofts  at 2154 Dundas St W were zoned commercial Toronto lofts at the time of their initial sale to the public. This means they do not permit residential uses but can only be used as commercial and artistic space/studio under their current zoning.

"A bit of history: this building was originally constructed in 1919 as a 5-storey light manufacturing building. It appeared to be used as such up to 1981 when permits were issued for uses described as light manufacturing and "artist and photographers studio." It's important to note here that the "artists and photographers studio" is still an industrial-type use within the zoning bylaw and it does not allow spaces to be used as residences, including "live/work" or apartments.

Currently the Property is zoned MCR. Under this zoning the City allows a wide range of commercial and residential uses, however, the building is currently classified as a commercial building which means that the loft must be used exclusively for commercial purposes.

Should a property owner want to use their loft for residential purposes, they must apply and obtain a building permit from the City of Toronto for the proposed change of use prior to commencing such residential use. Applying for such a permit would involve payment of application fees, the obtaining of planning approval(s), an application for a building permit for a change of use and the payment of a number of levies and charges.

I have provided this information to you because while a conversion from commercial to residential may be permitted, any alteration could result in planning approvals necessary for parking and loading among other things. I will stress that an approval of this kind can be a lengthy, costly undertaking, and may require site plan approvals and a traffic study (residential use would require provision of parking). As many of you have stated, the neighbourhood is strained for parking as is.

Finally, I have confirmed with staff in the City's Transportation/permit parking department that this is a commercial building and that no permits are to be issued to this address. Transportation's computer system will be updated to ensure parking permits are not issued to anyone at 2154 Dundas St W."

--The section in quotes is from the local councillor Gord Perks regarding the status of the Feather Factory Lofts in September 2008.

























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